Trendy Twists on the Classic Shirt


Location: San Diego, CA

A prevalent piece this spring has been casual lightweight shirts. Stylists are playing with different ways to wear this trend including uneven buttoning, casual tucking, and tying of the bottom. I love the way this shirt that I'm wearing combines the classic woven shirt with new details.

I chose to create a laid back look by rolling up the sleeves and tying the bottom of the shirt. I kept the accessories minimal and added a silver choker which complements the neckline and keeps the colors cool. I chose a medium wash denim for this look because the color is different enough from the colors in the shirt to stand out.

These pieces together create a classic look with a few trendy twists. While the classic shirt would have been appropriate for a business casual setting, this silhouette would be more fitting for a weekend outing.

Thanks so much for reading!