The Off-Shoulder Sundress


Location: San Diego, CA

Okay I know it's only May. But when a day is as beautiful and warm as this one, why shouldn't I get excited for Summer? It's a season worth getting excited about. The warm sand, the smell of coconut suntan lotion, the hot sun on your skin and... sundresses.

For my look, I paired this off shoulder dress from Tobi with this floppy hat from Nordstrom. The dress is super flattering and comfortable. Since my shoulders are so exposed, the hat helps to protect my skin from the sun.

I'm really particular with my off-shoulder tops strictly from a functionality standpoint. When off-shoulder tops feature the same opening for the torso and arms, the fabric rides up as I lift my arms. When there are separate openings for the torso and arms (like on this dress) I have freedom to move my arms without worrying about my dress staying in place.

Since the look needed some color, I applied a muted red lip stain and an opalescent choker.

One of my favorite details is the black bow on the hat which ties in with the black dress. This look would be perfect for any Summer vacations, smaller day trips, or even just an afternoon at the beach or lake.

Thanks so much for reading and have fun building your Summer wardrobe!