Seasonless Staple: The Chambray Shirt

Location: San Diego, CA

Having a solid collection of staple pieces gives my wardrobe a nice foundation to build on every season. "Seasonless" pieces (pieces that can be styled appropriately for every season) add so much versatility to this foundation and one of my favorites is the chambray shirt. Seriously - if you don't have one of these, you have to get one (scroll down to shop).

This piece is both timeless and seasonless. In the Fall, you can rock it under a light sweater with the collar, sleeves, and bottom poking out. In the Winter, it can be layered under a jacket and scarf. In the Spring, the shirt by itself with a nice statement necklace and a light jacket is a great go-to look.  And in the Summer, it can be rocked tied at the bottom with shorts or unbuttoned and worn cardigan-style over a sundress.

For this chilly Summer morning up in the mountains, I wore the chambray under a slip dress and added a light jacket. This way, I had the option take the jacket off and roll up the sleeves when it warmed up later in the day.

What do I look for in a chambray shirt?

As with all clothing, I look for comfort and quality of material - especially because I use it so often as a bottom layering piece. I also look for a wash/color that I can wear with multiple looks. I like to avoid any pattern or ombre in the wash in order to keep this staple piece as simple as possible for maximum versatility.

Here are some of my favorites:

Thanks so much for reading!