Featured Look: Plaid Pants & Turtleneck

Plaid is no longer a pattern only seen on 90's TV shows and quilts at grandma's house. It's back with a vengeance - in the best way possible. From sundresses to coats, this pattern is season-less and here to stay (at least for a while). My two favorite ways to embrace this pattern in the Winter is with blazers and pants. The structure of these pieces adds a little sophistication to the pattern, which opens up the opportunity to play with color.

The ones I have on here have a mix of pale yellow, black, and white. I've been searching for a pair of plaid pants for a while now and after trying on what seemed like an endless line of pairs, I've finally found a pair that fits me well! I paired them with a simple black turtleneck and then added pink sandals and a gold coin-esque necklace.

This look would be perfect for the office or for a day out in the city. The structure of the pants gives the outfit a sophisticated edge while the pattern adds a vintage feel.

If you've been embracing paid this season, reach out and share your favorite looks with me! Thanks so much and I look forward to having you back.



StyleNikki Acuna