How to Style a Sheer Embroidered Top

Living in San Diego means convenient weekend trips to LA when in need of a little getaway. This particular weekend was spent exploring local coffee shops, perusing through boutiques, and eating pretty much everything imaginable in Venice and Santa Monica. I grew up in San Diego so I’ve had the chance to explore LA quite a bit in the past 22 years. However, the everchanging city always has something new and exciting to discover.


It was a warm weekend so I kept the coverage minimal. I actually found this skirt the same day while second hand shopping at The Closet in Santa Monica. The skirt is by Alexander Wang and was originally $395. I got it for $29. Needless to say, I was so excited that I put it on immediately. Funny story about this sheer embroidered shirt... I actually bought the exact same one in Italy. On our way back to the US from Italy, the baggage claim attendant forgot to give my bag a tag which means that it didn't get on the plane with me. I haven't seen it since. I'm in the process of working something out with the airline BUT long story short... I found the same shirt at a Zara in San Diego so I grabbed it!

I like to let the embroidery speak for itself so I kept the rest of the outfit black. I love the way the black skirt gives the look shape and adds some subtle texture to the bottom half of the outfit. This would also look great with black high waisted jeans (which is what I was wearing before I discovered the skirt and changed into it).

My sister, my boyfriend and I kicked off the weekend by perusing through the array of shops and boutiques in Venice. Once we shopped ourselves hungry, we headed to Lula Mexican restaurant for a quick bite to eat and then headed to the Prominade. We enjoyed the live music and buzzing street scene for a while and then wandered over to the Santa Monica Pier. My sister headed home later that night but my boyfriend and I stayed an extra day to enjoy the Venice boardwalk and the beach scene.

StyleNikki Acuna