Repurposing a Sheer Shift Dress

Location: Julian, CA

Last Fall, I attended a wedding in the desert and detailed the outfit(s) on the blog (click here to view the post). I wore a sheer floral shift dress (similar here) under a leather jacket and this Summer I was inspired to take a fresh, new approach to styling the dress.

To start, I cut the black slip out of the dress so that it was completely sheer (the slip was originally attached). I wore a black bralette underneath and tucked the dress into a black button-up skirt.

To top it off, I added a black floppy hat and matched my lip color to the colors in the floral detailing.

This look would be perfect for a music festival, a vacation, or any other fun Summer outing. Repurposing old favorites so that they take on a fresh new feel can make my wardrobe seem virtually endless. Hopefully this post inspired you to do the same! Thanks so much for reading!

StyleNikki Acuna