Summertime Blazers


Adding structure and sophistication to an outfit can be as simple as throwing on a blazer. These multi-functional pieces come in handy in every season - especially the Summer/Fall transition.

When the temperatures creep up, I find myself incorporating blazers into outfits by throwing them over mini dresses (as seen here) or pairing them with shorts and skirts with tucked tees. When the indoors are pumped with AC, a blazer gives you just the right coverage you need to avoid getting chilly.

Here I’m wearing a chocolate vintage brown turtleneck mini dress under a multicolored plaid blazer. I topped the look off with a simple navy bag and some messy waves to dress down the look.


My favorite place to find a great blazer is thrift and vintage shops. At thrift shops, the aisle with the blazers is typically the one I bee line toward upon arrival. If you’re petite, you may even be able to get away with checking the boys section.

Vintage boutiques save you some sifting and present you with those needle-in-the-haystack vintage blazers up front.

A post detailing a few of my favorite online vintage shops that may be able to assist your blazer search is coming soon! Stay tuned. Thanks so much for reading and happy hunting!



StyleNikki Acuna