The. Best. Jeans. Ever.

Location: Mission Beach, San Diego

I love nothing more than dressing down in jeans and a tee shirt, grabbing a hot drink and a good friend, and hanging out at the beach on a cool, cloudy day. As fun as it is to lay out in the sun, there's something so calming about a grey day by the ocean.

And what could make a relaxing beach day even better? The best jeans in the entire world, of course. A group of friends and I recently took a trip to our local outlet mall and stumbled upon the Levi store. I've never owned a pair of Levis so just for kicks, I tried on a pair of their high waisted jeans.

And wow.

They fit to my body without being restricting, they come in a ton of washes, and they're light while still being structured. I am so in love with the way these jeans effortlessly blend comfort with a flattering fit (Levis isn’t sponsoring this post –I’m just a big fan).

Here's where I got everything:
Tee Shirt
Jacket (Similar)

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