The Outfit that Proves a Tee is a Blazer's Best Friend

In the spirit of Spring, I dedicated this week to cleaning out my closet. During this (long) process, I came to realize that graphic tees make up about 40% of my wardrobe. While that's a borderline shameful percentage, I couldn't bring myself to purge very many. I love the different colors, textures, and shapes a graphic can add to an outfit. Each one comes with so many possibilities. A common pairing I'm finding myself wearing lately is graphic tees and blazers. Mixing patterns and graphics helps to emphasize certain details and pull out complementary colors. The effect that one piece can have on the look of another is what makes putting together looks so fun.

For this look, I paired one of my favorite graphic tees (similar here) with a plaid blazer (similar here). The tee is a stark white with a bold floral focal point while the blazer is a monochromatic plaid. I love the way the simplicity of the tee contrasts with the intricacy of the blazer. I added some medium wash high waisted jeans to add a little more color and finished off the look with black slides and a gold necklace.

The resulting look is casual and effortless - perfect for weekend get-togethers or errand running.

Moral of the story: I'm not ashamed of my graphic tee obsession. Thanks so much for reading and I look forward to having you back!



StyleNikki Acuna