Where to Buy Your Next Handmade Piece

There’s something so special about wearing a piece that was made by hand just for you. The long list of benefits of purchasing handmade pieces includes:

  • a higher quality, unique piece

  • supporting a small business (and an artist)

  • less waste

Thanks to social media (and the internet in general), it’s now easier than ever to connect with these handmade brands and order your very own made-to-order pieces to add to your collection. See the list below for some of my favorite creators from all over the world…

1) MaisonCléo

The French mother-daughter duo of MaisonCléo is on a mission to make French handmade fashion accessible to everyone. Each piece is handmade with beautiful, high-quality fabrics. The duo has become famous for their romantic silhouettes and recognizable voluminous sleeves. The e-shop opens every Wednesday at 12:30pm NYC time and promptly sells out - so be prepared ahead of time if you want to make one of these beauties your own.

2) Aurore Van Milham

Aurore Van Milham creator, Mélanie, draws inspiration for her designs from women and art. Each piece is created by Mélanie herself and favorites include jackets, dresses, blouses, and tee shirts. The brand beautifully states, “We believe in free, poetic women, whose imagination never stops, whose dreams have no limit and whose desires never end.”

3) Valet Studio

Valet Studio creates sculptural accessories in Sydney, Australia. Vintage-inspired and eager to play with color, the creators at Valet Studio seamlessly blend class and whimsy. One peek at their collection will have you both nostalgic and inspired. The site also includes a small collection of bags from Respiro Studio, who will be launching a separate website later this year.

4) Olivia Rose the Label

Olivia Rose the Label was founded by Olivia Rose Havelock in the UK in 2017. Because Olivia creates each piece by hand from cutting to packaging, she takes on no more than 30 orders per week, making her pieces as scarce as they are gorgeous.

5) Project Bon

All Project Bon pieces are handmade in limited quantities in Barcelona. The brand was born from a love of discovering new places and finding beautiful gems in small shops. Pieces range from minimalist to statement and are always of the highest quality and craftsmanship.

Do you have a go-to shop for all of your hand-made necessities? Let me know in the comments - I’m always excited to discover new artists.

Thanks so much for reading!



StyleNikki Acuna