Lately I’ve been increasingly attracted to things like gorgeous silks, marbleized lucite bags, golden hardware... what do all of these lovely materials have in common? Luster.

They change with light and take on an almost multidimentional texture in the dreamiest, most whimsical of ways.

I’ve especially loved experimenting with mixing these types of pieces into everyday looks - a silk scarf over a casual tee. A pearlescent vintage bag with a structured blazer. A lucite hair clip here, a delicate piece of gold jewelry there. Without overdoing it, sprinkling these pretty, iridescent pieces into my rotation has really elevated each look in a playful-yet-sophisticated way.

See below to shop a few of my favorite lustrous pieces from around the web:

These pieces can brighten up a look instantly since they catch and reflect light, so I’ve been slowly increasing my collection. Thanks so much for reading and happy shopping!



StyleNikki Acuna