The Best Accessory to Add to Workwear Basics

Workwear doesn't have to mean boring blazers and monochromatic suits - although don't get me wrong, there's a time and a place for those. Workwear gives you a canvas for which to present yourself both professionally and stylishly. My favorite way to mix up my work wardrobe is to combine traditionally professional pieces with more casual, fun pieces. My favorite staple? A black turtleneck. I could tell you that black turtlenecks are my Fall and Winter go-to's, but to be honest, I wear these things to work even when the temperature is creeping into the 90's (thanks, Southern California). The versatility of a black turtleneck opens up hundreds of outfit opportunities, which is especially helpful during my 7am getting-ready sessions. Having a solid collection of work basics helps me to efficiently put together a cute outfit in my sleepy state.

While basics are nice and convenient, adding an element of style really completes the look. This could be via a neck tie, scarf, necklace, layered tank, tights, statement shoes, or, my personal favorite, a belt. In my opinion, a belt is the best accessory to add to workwear basics because it adds both polish and style to the look. This belt in particular (which is under $40, by the way) features silver hardware and western details. It lightens up the outfit and pulls it together simultaneously.

When planning out your work wardrobe, take your office culture into consideration. I work at a marketing agency with a pretty casual atmosphere so this outfit is appropriate. Depending on your workplace, you can make adjustments to your look to make it more casual or more professional. For a dressier look, try replacing the denim midi skirt with a structured pencil skirt.

Putting together workwear looks is really fun because it presents the opportunity to create a unique style that combines professionalism with personality. Top your look off with the right accessories and you can confidently rock your work day.

Thanks so much for reading and I look forward to having you back!



StyleNikki Acuna