Inspo Collection: Living Rooms

The living room is not only a place to visit with friends and family members but it’s also an opportunity to express your personality through décor. It’s a chance to display art pieces, photographs, and souvenirs that piece together to create a tangible product of your personality and experiences. Taking advantage of this opportunity often results in more pride taken in your living space and overall increased happiness in your environment. I’m always interested in other people’s living spaces and home décor creations. Pinterest has become an every day destination for my home décor obsession and I get so inspired by people’s ideas including unique furniture arrangements, color combinations, and textures. Below is an inspirational collection of my most recent finds when it comes to living room décor.

Common themes include statement pieces, gallery walls, large photographs, velvet couches, patterned throw pillows, and the incorporation of plants. I find myself attracted to the juxtaposition of bohemian and industrial details.

Thanks so much for reading and I look forward to having you back!

InteriorsNikki Acuna