Loft Snapshots

A little collection of photos I’ve snapped throughout our seven months of living in our Cincinnati loft.

We’ve rearranged a bit and added/subtracted items here and there, but for the most part we’ve kept a consistent aesthetic. We’ve created our home with a mix of vintage, new, borrowed, and thrifted. Furnishing and decorating a 1200 square foot loft after moving across the country in a small car was a challenge that I was more than excited to take on.

Considering we weren’t able to bring any pieces of furniture from San Diego (and we were just launching our own businesses), we needed to find a way to decorate our place on the cheap. Thrift stores, estate sales, and a few online shops made up the majority of our sources.

We already had a few of the framed prints and photos so I searched for framed prints at thrift stores, vintage shops, and estate sales that would complement the prints we already had.


The wall of magazines on clothing hangers was probably our cheapest and most effective wall decor project.


We got the idea from Penny’s coffee shop in Minneapolis that hung magazines on the wall by horizontally folding them over a flat rod (see photo).

We picked up some vintage books and things that helped warm the place up and then added plants as a finishing touch. A few months after we moved in we installed the sheer curtains to separate the bedroom area from the living/dining room and those curtains have become my favorite part of the loft since they change color with the light.

We’re continuing to refine and add to our home as we vintage-hunt. Thanks so much for reading and I look forward to having you back!



Nikki Acuna