Velvet Pieces for a Cozy Home

It’s that time of year again - the temperatures are dropping, the leaves are falling, and I’m getting my apartment ready for hibernation. Just kidding… kind of. This winter will be my first winter spent outside of Southern California so I want to do everything I can to make the transition more comfortable.


One of my favorite ways to make my living space more cozy is to add a variety of rich textures in the form of furniture, textiles, and other decor pieces. Velvet tends to be the fabric I gravitate to the most when choosing cozy-yet-stylish home additions. The fabric looks great in different lights, is soft to the touch, and is rich in color.

Here are some velvet-infused spaces to inspire your fall and winter decor:

For me, any of these spaces would make fall and winter that much more cozy. Thanks for reading!



InteriorsNikki Acuna