Boating in Capri


Location: Capri, Italy

Today I'm going to share with you guys my absolute favorite part of my recent trip to Italy. This was by far my favorite day of the trip and I'm so excited that I get to share it with all of you!


We started the morning out with a light Italian breakfast consisting of delicate meats and cheeses and a few delicious cappuccinos which helped to fuel us for the day ahead. Right after breakfast, we boarded our boat from Sorrento, met our captains, and started our trip across to the island of Capri. I had no idea what kind of beauty I was about to come face to face with (or even that this level of beauty existed). As Capri came into view, we sat back and drank in the colorful coast, the lush greenery, and some (or a lot of) champagne.

We explored the Green, White, and Blue grottos (the Green Grotto is pictured below) and boated through the Faraglioni which, in Italian, means a coastal and oceanic rock formation eroded by waves. The intricacies of the rock formations juxtaposed with the pure teal blue of the ocean made for the most beautiful view.

After exploring the perimeter of the island by boat, we were eager to start exploring on foot. A boat taxi picked us up from our boat and dropped us off at a dock connected to the restaurant our captains had insisted was the best local cuisine around. They were right. We got to choose our fish out of the catches of the day and, as you can imagine, every aspect of the meal was insanely fresh. From the flavor of the perfectly ripe tomatoes to the way the seasonings complemented the delicate taste of the fish, the meal exceeded our expectations and still induces cravings to this day.


After we ate every morsel of food that was on the table, we took a taxi up to the colorful town of Capri. Walking around these peaceful yet vibrant streets was so inspiring. Clusters of modest, pastel-colored buildings were backed by an idillic view of the Tyrrhenian Sea. Walking around these winding cobblestone streets was one of my favorite parts of the trip.


For this day, I chose a gingham skirt with a ruffle detail paired with a simple white tee and some deep blue slides. I carried a small white backpack with gold hardware (I highly recommend a backpack, as it made it easier to explore hands-free).

Between the gorgeous views, delicate foods, and endless opportunities for exploration, this was my favorite day of the trip. Thanks so much for reading and I look forward to having you back!



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