A Day in SoHo

My favorite day of our recent New York trip was the day we explored SoHo and West Village. When we packed up our car in California a few months ago and headed east for the move, our top choices for settling down were Denver, Cincinnati, and New York. After choosing to stay in Cincinnati for a little while and settling into our new apartment, it was nice to finally visit the third city on our list and scope out potential spots for the future.

After racking up about 31 walking miles in one week (courtesy of the health app on the iPhone), we successfully explored Williamsburg, the Upper East Side (where we stayed), DUMBO, West Village, East Village, Midtown, and, my favorite, SoHo.

SoHo possesses a certain mix of character and style, from the cafes to the street style to the coffee shops to the boutiques. As a lover of historic buildings and old architecture, I was in heaven.

We wandered from place to place eating what was probably way too much food and browsing the expertly-curated shops.



I wore head-to-toe vintage the day we explored SoHo. Find the skirt and bag here:

Houndstooth Mini Skirt

Black Structured Bag

Other trip highlights include a visit to the MOMA, a concert in Brooklyn at Elsewhere, the many desserts we tried at Milk Bar, the quiet streets of the West Village, the brilliant leaves in Central Park and Washington Square Park, and the view we woke up to on the Upper East Side.

Thanks so much for following along on our trip!



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