Backless in Positano


Location: Positano, Italy


We had the most amazing day walking around the coastal town of Positano. If you're going, I highly recommend walking as driving can be... well, terrifying to say the least. The good news is that the streets are pedestrian friendly and, in my opinion, the city itself was designed to be walked. Winding streets give way to narrow staircases and colorful alleys. You never know where they are taking you but it's safe to assume it will be beautiful.


After perusing a few of the charming boutiques that line the road, we stopped into Cafe Positano for a snack. What we weren't expecting was to be greeted with the most amazing, expansive view of the coast. In the spirit of vacation, my snack consisted of an indulgent combination of vanilla gelato and fresh strawberries (yes - it was as delicious as it looks/sounds).


Since it was pretty warm out, I wanted to go with an outfit that would provide as little coverage as possible (hence the backless theme).


This lightweight, dainty dress is from Zara and was perfect for a day in the sun. The halter neckline ties in the back and there is also a tie detail behind the waist, which adds shape. The floral embroidery has a nice, subtle white on white effect adding a feminine texture to the otherwise simple dress.

To finish the day off, we watched the sunset and enjoyed some wine by the beach.


This was one of my favorite days while on the trip and I'm so happy I got to experience it and share it with you guys. Thanks so much for reading!